Wednesday, April 25th, 2018

Award-winning Director, Brian Sanders, brings you an evening of “breathtakingly dangerous and hauntingly beautiful” theatrics, as JUNK presents Dancing Dead IPX – an immersive performance experience. Staged in a local landmark, the Shiloh Baptist Church, Dancing Dead IPX breathes new life–and “the dead”–into the three story attraction.

As Philly artists dive into the immersive theatre world,  Sanders’ has rebuilt Dancing Dead IPX as the re-genesis of Dancing Dead, originally performed in 2011. Described by Stage Magazine as “a poignant celebration of life, passion, and eternal love” the original Dancing Dead was inspired by the death of Sanders’ loved ones. Now seven years later, Sanders has not only grown artistically, but after almost a decade of successful forays into humor, sex, drama, and theatrics, his ability to translate the celebration of life and death into movement has intensified.

With enhanced repertoire, new performers, and an extended immersive performance, Dancing Dead IPX showcases Sanders’ signature awe-inspiring and daredevil theatrics, via a familiar theme, but with a new twist–the venue. Built in the mid 1800s, the Shiloh Baptist Church is a sprawling historical landmark with ceilings high enough to amp up the wow-factor of Sanders’ aerial choreography. The church’s many halls and hidden chambers create the perfect ambiance for a truly immersive experience; no need for fancy sets, patrons are essentially inside of Sanders’ vision, traversing the world he created in Dancing Dead IPX.

Up to 35 guests each night will experience the full Immersive Performance eXperience ($68). This is the full Dancing Dead Experience with complimentary beverages, performances throughout several unique chambers of the old Church, and an installation in the Clubhouse. The experience culminates in a seated finale performance in the cavernous Shiloh hall with soaring 60 foot wood beamed ceilings. For just $34 patrons can experience a limited version of the IPX ticket: a shorter 50-minute experience perfect for those on a budget or theatre newbies. All patrons will enjoy the multi-sensory experience that marks a true “immersion”–bespoke stained glass lighting, a memory-evoking all 70s’ sound score, the visage of the historical landmark, and of course the awe-inspiring and emotionally-pulling choreography.

There are just thirteen performances of Dancing Dead IPX between May 10th and June 2nd. Tickets and more information are available at dancingdeadipx.com.

Join us for the Press Preview on Wednesday, May 9th at 8:30pm.



from the original Dancing Dead


"Brian Sanders’ JUNK Brings Stellar Start to the Fringe Festival with Dancing Dead"

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THe inquirer/philly Stage

"I've seen parts of the work over the last year, and Sanders’ ironic use of sentimental '70s songs had me cracking up, but seeing the whole nearly reduced me to tears at the most tender moments."

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